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Re Ya Kgola
(We Are Growing)

Re Ya Kgola (which means 'We Are Growing') was founded in 2003 by Lillian Sebeela or 'Ma' to those that know her and rely on her kindness. 

Ma started the Charity from her own home and garage to help the disadvantaged and orphaned children in her neighbourhood. She used her own money and some assistance from her church to feed the hungry through a soup kitchen. She handed out blankets, clothing and food parcels to families in crisis, assisted vulnerable children with food and shelter and access to education and enrolment in schools.

Many of the children are orphans with no paperwork or birth certificates which makes it extremely difficult to enrol them into school. Without the intervention of Re Ya Kgola, many of these children would not have received an education.

Today there are about 320 single mothers, children and orphans that rely on Ma and Re Ya Kgola for support. For many, Re Ya Kgola is their only source of food and assistance. Some young unwed mothers and children attend daily and others a few times a week. Re Ya Kgola provides approximately 200- 250 children and young mothers with a cooked meal and other supplies such as sanitary pads for school girls, clothes and food packets on a daily basis.

Approximately 125 pensioners attend the Centre on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for meals, simply because there is not enough space on other days. Lillian wishes to provide meals to the pensioners on a daily basis as many are too old to cook and have no family members to look after them. For many residents of the areas of Ivory Park, Ebony Park, Kaalfontein, Dryhoek and Rabi Ridge, Re Ya Kgola is a lifeline and support structure that they simply cannot do without.

Last year through the generous donations of many of you we managed to provide each child with a Christmas gift package of clothing, toiletries, stationery items and a toy. Due to the worldwide pandemic this year it has been even tougher for Ma and Re Ya Kgola to support the many children and vulnerable adults that rely on the charity's support.


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