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We'll Have To Do It Again Then Won't We?!

When the tough decision was taken to postpone the Theatre Severn pantomime this year it was done so with a very heavy heart. I had so many supportive messages from people telling me how upset they were and that it 'wouldn't be Christmas without it'.

I had a germ of an idea for a show which could work with the limited capacity that social distancing brings. I discussed the idea with my Musical Director, Simon Hanson, and thankfully he agreed to be a part of it.

This morning, that show went on sale and by the end of the day we'd sold over 800 tickets. I've been inundated with messages and 'likes' today on Facebook and instagram, after a tough few months it's been a real tonic to read all the messages and feel the love.

Thank you, from the heart of my bottom!

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