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Day 9: The last leg! Scarborough to Filey

A bit of a late start today as we ‘only’ had 10.5 miles to go to the finish line. We picked Up the trail at the Sea Life Centre where we finished yesterday, we then followed the coastal path along the bustling North beach and around the castle mound to South Beach. When we were at the midway point we finally saw the Dolphins that we’ve been looking for since we reached the coast, we saw one breaching the waves in front of a little fishing boat.

Hitting South Beach was a bit of a culture shock after so many days of seeing nobody but the odd walker heading the other way, South Beach was heaving, we must have looked very strange passing through in our walking boots, each with a massive backpack negotiating our way amongst the flip flops and kiss me quick hats. The weather again was sweltering, it made walking in the full sun very tough, so tough in fact that we decided to make a visit to the harbour bar for an ice cream.

As nice as it was to stroll along the seafront with an ice cream we were all happy to get out of the crowds and back to the trail up on the cliff top. No sooner had we left town than the sound of traffic and the arcades subsided and all you could hear again was the waves, birdsong and Alfie’s non stop chatter about Star Wars and the Mandelorian!

We stopped at Cayton Bay for a cool drink and a snack but were all keen to push on with only five miles to go. The last five miles were fairly uneventful other than spotting some seal pups launching themselves into the sea and very soon we could see our final destination, Filey Brigg stuck out on the horizon.

We reached the stone marker, we took photos, we hugged, one of the boys became emotional but didn’t know why he was crying, but to be honest it was emotional. They‘ve achieved an amazing feat for their age, we couldn’t be prouder of them, not just because of what they’ve achieved but the amount they’ve raised to help others. At the finish line they had raised an unbelievable £3,470

So that was The Cleveland Way, 109 Miles and some wonderful memories.

Thank you to everyone who donated, you’ve made it all worthwhile and if you haven’t yet donated but have been meaning too the page is open till this Sunday.

with love,

Toby, Riley & Alfie @boyswhohike

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