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Day 8: Robin Hoods Bay to Scarborough

We started our penultimate day in the beautiful coastal town of Robin Hoods Bay. The hike started as many previous days with a steep climb out of the bay up onto the cliff tops, the weather had changed yet again and it was a damp morning as we battled our way up the slippery stone steps.

There wasn’t much to see for the first hour or so because of the fog that was sweeping in from the sea. Once the sea frets had cleared we had glorious views along the coast.

There were a few times on this walk when the cliff top path would drop down to beach level and then back up again to the cliffs, these little breaks from the cliff top were gorgeous and you suddenly found yourself in lush ‘rainforest’, at times it felt like we were doing the remake of ‘gorillas in the mist’, we’ve been amazed by the beauty of Yorkshire all along this walk.

We took our coffee break at the Ravenscar Tea Rooms…which is closed on Tuesdays…. So it was out with my trusty jetboil and aeropress and we were soon enjoying our coffee with thick slices of fruit cake.

We set off again and I was keeping my eye on my 4G coverage as at 2:30pm we chatted live on air to Stephen Bumfrey of BBC Radio Norfolk. We had a lovely chat all about our mission and gave a plug to the justgiving page and of course the boys Instagram.

Scarborough Castle was visible at certain turns in the path for most of the afternoon, getting closer with every step but always just out of reach, it was tough going for the last five miles of the day (post lunch break of course, these boys live for their food!) and we finally reached the car park, of the sea life centre which was our marker for today’s section.

So tomorrow is our final day, we finished our day on an amazing £2,905, so close to our revised target, as always please do check out the donate link below. If you can donate that would be hugely appreciated, but even if you can’t please share the page on your own social media pages.

much love, Toby, Riley me Alfie

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