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Day 7: Runswick Bay to Robin Hoods Bay

The day started with a cab back from Whitby to Runswick Bay to pick up the trail where we finished yesterday. It was a steep descent to the beach where we found a nice little cafe to stock up on some snacks for today’s 15 miles. We had to wait for about 20 minutes for the tide to go out enough for us to cross onto the beach, some tried too early and were rewarded with a soggy boot for the day.

A gentle amble along the beach and we took a picturesque climb up to the cliff again and then followed the cliff path for a few miles. It was much clearer today and became quite hit as the day progressed so the views were stunning, we could see along the coast for miles.

We had our usual pit stop at the five mile mark and then pushed on to reach Sandsend, a bustling little beach which leads on to Whitby.

We arrived back in Whitby (five hours after we left) and then made our way through the town and up the 199 steps up to Whitby Abbey which made me want to read Bram Stokers Dracula, it’s quite an interesting story as to how he was inspired by Whitby and the Abbey to pen his most famous work.

The path bends around to the left of the Abbey and you soon leave the bustle of Whitby behind and it’s nothing but sea views and rolling green fields, it seemed to get hotter as the day went on so around 4pm when we found a bench and a small shop we stopped for a cool drink and some lunch. We didn’t stop for long though as we had at least another couple of hours until we reached our B&B in Robin Hoods Bay so we struck out for the final leg of today’s hike, arriving around 7pm.

I'm not sure if it’s harder walking in the rain or the sun, the rain is miserable but walking in the heat is really draining, we were all happy to get back, shower and settle down for dinner and bed after our longest day of the hike.

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