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Day 3: Osmotherley to Clay Bank

After two days of 13 mile hikes we looked at today’s 11 miler as a breeze. How wrong we were! Had I properly looked at the guide book rather than a cursory glance I would have seen that whilst being one of the most spectacular walks of the nine days it was also the most strenuous. The climbing began as soon as we left Osmotherley and it didn’t let up for the next 7 hours of walking. Up and down we went, each time we thought we’d done the worst bit you’d get to the top and see the next moor front of you even higher than the first.

We each needed a bit of cajoling at various times during the day to keep us going along with the odd chocolate biscuit and a break at the only shop on the way for a calippo (we were lucky again with the weather)

All in all a tough day but tomorrow ‘should’ be a little easier as it’s one steep climb and then a fairly level walk to Kildale where (as long as we get therein time) we jump on a train to get to our hotel for the night. Had we not stopped for the Calippo we might have met the body coach and PE superstar Joe Wicks who was on the Wainstones literally ten minutes before us.

Lovely Diane from The Wainstones Hotel came to pick us up from our finishing point and after another good feed it was straight to bed to rest up for tomorrow.

Tony, Riley, Alfie


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