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Day 2: Sutton Bank to Osmotherley

Well Day 2 Kilburn to Ostmotherley was like hopping on a fresh pony. We set off in the taxi back to where we could pick up the route after a great nights sleep, and apparently missed out over an hour of unnecessary extra steep climbing. 5 relieved hikers right here! Everyone then got their heads down and put one foot in front of the other and there was no complaining, no moaning and no tantrums. It made for a light enjoyable 12 or 13 miles even when it got steep or tough in the last stretch. The lunch break was particularly impressive as we sat up high looking over Yorkshire stretched below us, you couldn’t buy the memories!

This morning we sat in the hotel next to 2 men doing the walk too and this evening, here we are sat next to them at the table next to us in the pub having dinner and we have passed each other throughout the day, lovely little chats about the views and weather were had each time. They are seasoned hikers doing 3 days of the walk and were really impressed that the boys are doing the entire Cleveland Way and to be fair we have not seen a single other child on our travels. Impressive indeed!

The views were spectacular, really spectacular, the photos don’t do them justice. The weather was kind to us again and no rain at all today, none. It was lovely and ever so slightly overcast and made for moody pics and easy walking.

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